Food Tours Hanoi - The best private food tour in Hanoi

Food Tours Hanoi is not like any other food tour in Hanoi. It does not belong to a big company offering food tours with "hired" tour guides to show guests round a few basic food stalls. It doesn't take big groups of 10 - 15 people, losing people in conversation at the back of a long queue. It is a private food tour for you and your friends.

Hi, my name is Ngat and I come from a small village called Vu Ban, close to Nam Dinh, 90km south of Hanoi. I started my own private street food walking tour of Hanoi because I love to show people something that is close to my heart, Vietnamese food. I am my own boss, this is my own food tour which I designed, researched for the best venues and best food. It is a personal tour of mine to show you the best street food stalls to which I enjoy eating at in Hanoi.

I will only take a maximum of 6 guests & only if they are friends together, so no strangers in your group. This is the best private food tour in Hanoi and I will be glad to take you and your friends on my private food tour of Hanoi.

I take pride in taking you to street food vendors that offer clean, tasty local Vietnamese food. You will not see many westerners (if any) at my street food shops, because I will take you off the beaten track to sample food that only locals eat. We won't bore or fill you up with just cheap noodle soup or bread like other street walking food tours in Hanoi but I will let you try a variety of different foods from around Vietnam.

Food Tours Hanoi
Food Tours Hanoi
Food Tours Hanoi

Food Tours in Hanoi will walk you through the streets of Hanoi, through many tight alleys, small streets, not usually witnessed by westerners. You will see how the local people go about their daily lives, in the hustle and bustle of the busy side streets. Each place I take you to will have your taste buds singing for more. I don't fill you up with soup or bread like other food tours in Hanoi, which you can get anywhere in the world, I have chosen decent street food I think you will enjoy and in no small portions either. 

Food Tours Hanoi
Food Tours Hanoi
Food Tours Hanoi

Lunch - 11am
(including 6 dishes) 
2-3 foodies - $21 p/p

4+ foodies - $20 p/p

Dinner - 4pm
(including 7 dishes) 
2-3 foodies - $23 p/p
4+ foodies - $21 p/p

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